Heat Pump Not Working? Try These Simple Troubleshooting Tips

Heat Pump Not Working? Try These Simple Troubleshooting TipsHaving problems with your heat pump not working properly? Before you decide to pay for expensive repairs or replacement, try some do-it-yourself troubleshooting. Below are some common problems, their possible causes and solutions. Some of the solutions you can take care of yourself, though some should be reserved for a trusted HVAC professional.

Problem – Heat pump isn’t running

Possible Cause – No power
Solution – Make sure fuses are not blown or circuit breaker hasn’t tripped.

Possible Cause – Switch is off
Solution – Make sure the switch is turned on. If the breaker trips multiple times, call a professional service technician.

Possible Cause – Pump is overloaded
Solution – If the pump is overloaded, press the reset switch and wait 30 minutes. This may need to be repeated.

Possible Cause – Reversing valve is stuck
Solution – Set to emergency heat only and wait six hours. If this does not work, call a professional service technician.

Problem – Dirty coil

Solution – Remove debris from coil

Problem – Not cool or warm enough

Possible Cause – Thermostat not on the proper setting
Solution – Check thermostat and raise or lower 5 degrees

Possible Cause – Wrong thermostat was installed
Solution – Check your owner’s manual then replace with the suggested model.

Possible Cause – Dirty filter
Solution – Clean or replace filter

Possible Cause – Air distribution system
Solution – Call a professional service technician

You might also hear grinding noises or squealing sounds coming from your heat pump. These are definitely a sign there is something wrong such as the bearings being worn out. If this happens, turn off your heat pump and call a professional service technician.

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